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AWS Foundational Services.

Module 1: AWS Compute

Introduction, Amazon Machine Images, Amazon EC2 Families, Amazon EC2 Pricing Options, Amazon EC2 Autoscaling, Elastic Load Balancing, Lifecycle Manager, Global Infrastructure & Reliability.

Module 2: AWS Storage

Benefits of using AWS storage (AWS storage benefits) Comparing on-premises to cloud storage (AWS cloud data storage, Hybrid cloud storage) Types of storage (Block-based storage and AWS block storage services) Choosing an AWS storage service (Amazon backup services) AWS Data Transfer options.

Module 3: AWS Networking

Introduction, Deploying a Basic VPC with One Subnet and an Internet Gateway, Console or the AWS CLI, Securing VPCs, The Basic HA VPC – Two Subnets in Two Availability Zones, Production-Ready – The Three-Tier VPC, Amazon VPCs as Strategy, Amazon VPC Corporate Data Centre Connectivity.

Module 4: AWS Databases

Database on AWS, Relational Database, Service (RDS), Backup and Monitoring, Security and Compliance.

Module 5: AWS Security

Introduction (AWS Well-Architected Framework), Identity and Access Management (IAM) for Access, Amazon Cognito, AWS Directory Service), Detective Controls (Amazon GuardDuty, AWS Security Hub, Am­azon Macie), Infrastructure Protection (AWS WAF, AWS Shield), Data Protection (Encryption on AWS, AWS KMS), AWS Certificate Manager (ACM), AWS Secrets Manager for Credentials Management), Inci­dent Response (AWS Config)

Cloud Orchestration / Automation

Module 1: AWS Cloud Formation

Cloud Formation Introduction, Parameters and Intrinsic Introduction, Bootstrapping using userdata and cfn-init, CloudFromation outputs and cross-stack Access, CloudFormation Con­ditions, Updating stacks, CreationPolicy, Stack Policies, Custom Resource Workflow, Stacksets, AWS CloudFormation Helper scripts.

Module 2: AWS Lambda

Understanding Lambda functions

Module 3: AWS System Manager

Why automate?, How to automate administration tasks at scale, Collecting metrics for visibility, Automating system healing and compliance, Storing secrets and configuration data, Manag­ing configuration drift, Interactive access with Session Manager, Distributing software packag­es, Centralizing actionable operational insights.

Module 4: AWS Elastic Beanstalk

Environment, Version, Customize.

Module 5: Architecting Serverless Solutions

Event-Driven Architectures, Serverless Appli­cation Architectures (Migrating to serverless) Scaling Serverless Architectures (AWS Lamb­da Power Tuning,), Securing and Monitoring Serverless Applications (AWS X-Ray) Serverless Deployments (Automating the deployment pipeline) API Gateway for serverless Applications (AWS Lambda Function Security)

Governance at scale

Module 1: Security Governance at Scale

Governance at Scale, AWS Control Tower Setup Instructions (Set up a landing zone), Governance Automation Multi-account strategies, guidance, and architecture, AWS Control Tower Basic Tasks, AWS Service Catalog Portfolios, Detective Controls, AWS Control Tower Customizations , AWS Control Tower Labs.

Module 2: Migrating to AWS

AWS Migration Methodology, Business Case, (AWS Application Discovery Service, Migration strategies) Migrate (Migrate servers with AWS Server Migration Service AWS Database Migration Service, AWS Schema Conversion Tool, Database migration, VMware Cloud on AWS migration), Operations (AWS Service Catalog).

Module 3: Cost Transparency

AWS Cost Explorer

Module 4: Control, Forecasting and Optimization

AWS Cost & Usage Report, Consolidated billing for AWS, Organizations, AWS Purchase Order Management, AWS Cost Anomaly Detection, AWS Budgets, Reserved Instances, Savings Plans, Amazon DynamoDB pricing, AWS Instance Scheduler, AWS Trusted Advisor, AWS Compute Optimizer, Amazon S3 Intelligent-Tiering.

Open-Source DevOps and Microservices technologies

Module 1: ANSIBLE

Introduction to Ansible, Ansible installation, Ansible Inventory, Introduction to YAML, Ansible Playbooks, Ansible Modules, Ansible Variables, Conditionals, Loops, Ansible Roles.

Module 2: Terraform

Introduction to Terraform + Basics, Terraform with AWS, Advance Terraform usage (Conditionals, Built in Functions, For & For Each Loops, Terraform project structure, Terraform lock file, Manipulating State), Terraform with Packer & Jenkins, Terraform with Jenkins, ECR & ECS, Kubernetes.

Module 3: Jenkins

Introduction and Installation, Getting started with Jenkins, Jenkins & Docker, Jenkins & AWS, Jenkins & Ansible, Jenkins & Security, Jenkins & Maven, Jenkins & Emails, Jenkins & Git, CI/CD, Jenkins Pipeline -jenkinsfile, CI/CD + Jenkins Pipeline + Docker + Maven)

Module 4: AWS CI/CD

Continuous Integration, Delivery and Deployment on ECS, Best Practices: Docker Images, AWS CodeBuild, Best Practices: Delivery and Deployment, AWS CodeDeploy and CodePipeline.

Module 5: Docker & Kubernetes

Microservices and Application Modernization, Container concepts and constructs, Container services on AWS, Pod, Service, Deployment, Cluster, Configure EKS to manage the Kubernetes management infrastructure, AWS Fargate and EKS Managed Node Groups, Scheduling options in EKS, Security on EKS, Upgrades in EKS.

Scripting Technologies

Module 1: Programming Languages

Bash, JSON, YAML, Python

Module 2: Linux

Introduction to the command line, Managing physical storage, Install and configure software components and services, Monitor and manage running processes, Manage and secure files and file systems, Administer users and groups, Review the system log files and journal for issues, Troubleshoot problems and analyze systems.

Laptop + Extra Screen



6 Months – Virtual

Sat 3pm – 6pm EST

Sun 4pm – 7pm EST

6 Months – Virtual

Sat 3pm – 6pm EST

Sun 4pm – 7pm EST

6 Months Dedication

The virtual AWS training program is a six-month training designed to prepare IT career aspirants for four career options within the Cloud Space. Our training package prepares you for Solutions Architect, Cloud Engineer, DevOps Engineer and Security Architect/Engineer roles.

Training Fee


Initial Deposit $500

Balance : $500 (Monthly)